Come sit around the “farm table” at the Seward Co-op Creamery Café and learn more about the Cultural Wellness Center, Seward Co-op’s February SEED recipient.

The Cultural Wellness Center is working on a new project that will create a blend of culinary heritage, self-love, and business incubation for African American food entrepreneurs.

Their new café space will be a cooperative and supportive environment focused on reconnecting, rediscovering and reinventing the culinary traditions of our past.

Enjoy a meal designed by Creamery Café staff and inspired by this work, with ingredients sourced from Community Foods producers.

Three-course dinner: $40

Non-alcoholic beverage pairing: additional $7

Beer, wine and other beverages will be available for purchase.

Click here to purchase tickets now.

Introducing Our New Winter Menu

By Matt Kappra, Executive Chef

Winter is here, and with it comes a new Seward Co-op Creamery Café menu! Our winter menu went live Nov. 8. With it comes the return of some seasonal favorites, and some new dishes we are going to be trying throughout the winter months. With this menu change comes a shift in sourcing as well. During the summer, we focus heavily on sourcing from small farms. In an effort to extend our local season, we are beginning to shift our focus to larger local cooperatives. These larger cooperatives can help us get as much local product as we need to sustain us until next spring!

Along with the new menu comes a gradual change to the physical space of the Creamery building. We have officially moved away from large printed menus on the wall, and replaced them with newly redesigned handheld menus. Replacing the large wall printed menus are new chalkboard panels.  These new panels will now showcase our rotating drink and menu specials. They also highlight local Community Foods producers and their products.

Stop in to see the farmers and vendors we’re featuring today!