Good Food


The Co-op Creamery Café is a proud part of Seward Community Co-op, a cornerstone of both the Seward and Bryant neighborhoods. The Creamery offers seasonal dishes made from fresh ingredients we purchase daily. The café is also economically and environmentally sustainable, from the living wages we pay our workers to the plates used by diners.

The majority of our ingredients come from P6 producers. P6 is a national effort to bring greater equity to the food system. In order to be P6, a farm or producer needs to meet two of three criteria: small, cooperative and local. In addition to P6, many of our ingredients are grown organically and sourced through vendors featured at either of our Seward Community Co-op grocery stores. Due to our dedicated focus on seasonal ingredients, menu items may fluctuate.

Tableware and Decor
Sayge Carroll is a local artist and former Seward Co-op employee who creates the café’s serving dishes and table décor.

Sin Fronteras Farm & Food is a startup family farm and local food business in the Twin Cities specializing in fresh, healthy Latino food. We are happy to curate their bountiful produce and rare chilis in the café and grocery stores.

Shared Ground Farmers’ Cooperative — Our cooks love to work with and mold produce from Shared Ground Farmers’ Cooperative, an organization committed to making environmentally sustainable farming a living-wage job for any who choose to pursue it, especially minority and immigrant farmers.

Heartbeet Farm — Vegetables from Heartbeet that make it onto your plate are cultivated with direct interaction between humans, plants, soil, and animals.

Seward-made sausage — Seward’s business model empowers sausage makers to source a wide variety of local meats and organic spices for housemade specialty sausages and charcuterie. Our sausages aren’t good because we make them, they’re good because they’re good.

Peterson Craftsman Meats—a family operation raising and procuring local, heritage-bred livestock with care. Their passion is to raise and harvest high quality meats with integrity.

Kadejan — Chicken served at the café is from Kadejan, where the birds are allowed to roam free in a spacious, clean environment while being raised without hormones or antibiotics.

St. Agnes bread — We are proud to build our sandwiches on and cut our toast from hand-crafted, artisanal St. Agnes bread, kneaded in a traditional method.

Seward-made vegan sweet potato roll— Seward Co-op bakers created the bun on which our classic burger and housemade veggie burger is served.