Community Owned


The Seward Co-op Creamery Café is owned and operated by Seward Community Co-op. That means that current owners of the co-op are also owners of the café. Become an owner of the café and you also become an owner of the Seward Co-op and recipient of all the benefits ownership entails.

Become an Owner

People become owners of Seward Co-op for a number of reasons. Many people join for the quarterly discounts and owner specials. Others join to support a community-owned business that works to sustain the local economy. You do not need to be an owner to enjoy the co-op, but if you decide to join you will enjoy numerous owner benefits. Learn more about ownership in Seward Co-op and our various payment options here.

What is Seward Community Co-op?

Seward Co-op is a natural foods cooperative that has been providing the community with the highest quality products and services since 1972. Seward Co-op is committed to offering healthful, locally grown or raised organic foods and wellness products. Learn more about Seward Co-op.