A cooperative is a voluntarily owned business that operates for the benefit of its owners. Seward Community Co-op is committed to sustaining a healthy community that has equitable economic relationships, positive environmental impacts, and inclusive socially responsible practices. In the Creamery Café, as well as in our grocery stores, farmers, workers, and producers are valued and compensated fairly at each step of the supply chain.

The Creamery Café builds on the relationships our co-op has cultivated for more than 45 years, and it provides an avenue to increase market share for small-scale, local farmers. Café employees — whether working in the back or front of house — earn a living wage, and all full-time employees have access to full benefits. We prioritize and promote giving back to the community, so all gratuities are directed to SEED, Seward Co-op’s community giving program. The Creamery Café is more than a place to gather or share a meal; it is part of an enterprise that drives social change.

Through our product selection, the co-op strives to enrich the environmental health of our community and the world, as well as our customers’ wellbeing. Our product standards help consumers make informed decisions about the food they consume. Whenever possible, we source Community Foods products that promote sustainable food systems and minimize resource consumption. The Creamery purchases locally grown and raised ingredients from small-scale farmers and artisans who may not be able to keep up with the inventory demand of the co-op’s grocery stores.

Everyone is welcome at Seward Co-op. All locations employ staff who reflect the neighborhoods in which we operate. You don’t have to be an owner to use the co-op, but we invite everyone to become part of the co-op through any one of our ownership options.